Grupo LPJ

Processos, tecnologia,
negócios e pessoas.

Melhores soluções
para cada cliente.

Preparing companies to achieve their goals.

Qualificados, certificados
e experientes.

Preparing companies to achieve their goals.

Inovar, potencializar,
transformar e gerar valor.

Preparing companies to achieve their goals.

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A comprehensive company


Trust, transparency and value generation.

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Somos 4 empresas prontas para te ajudar na consultoria e implantação do seu sistema SAP.

We are present in the main cities of the country, bringing knowledge acquired over almost two decades developing projects and business solutions that involve processes, technology and innovation in the most different economic and social scenarios in different market segments.

The customer in the management and control of their business.


When experience matters



Grupo LPJ has been building business functionalities for a long time, in the most different scenarios and market segments in which it operates, creating and developing an extensive library of knowledge through digital transformation.
the group

Our deliveries

Intimate business consultancy, focused on seeking innovative solutions for disruptive projects for our clients.

SAP Consulting (we are one of SAP's main partners), 100% ontime, onbudget.

Systems Support Consulting, AMS and software factory in the most diverse technologies (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Mastersaf, etc.)

Cloud business platform, with several functionalities complementary to management systems, ensuring quality and validity of information.

Ícone da empresa SOURCE - GRUPO LPJ

We are goal-oriented, aligning: STRATEGY, PROCESSES, TECHNOLOGY and PEOPLE to deliver excellence in SAP Strategic Projects, migrations and improvements.


Ícone da empresa MEET - GRUPO LPJ

Cloud computing platform, with several functionalities complementary to management systems.


Ícone da empresa MAKE - GRUPO LPJ

Intimate business consultancy, focused on seeking innovative solutions for disruptive projects for our clients.


Support and improvements of systems.Accelerators and solutions, center of excellence (CoE), BPO of SAP technologies.Business Continuity.



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