One of the most underestimated aspects of improving quality of life is mental health. People who neglect it become more susceptible to emotional disorders as well as illnesses. From this perspective, it is noticeable that carelessness with the psyche makes any individual, even if accomplished in other areas, unhappy.

The classification of depression as a medical condition is relatively new. In this sense, the idea persists that this disease would be a minor issue, with the patient simply “changing for the better”. Despite this perspective, the World Health Organization projects that depression will be the most common disease in the world in 2030. This trend reiterates the population's lack of care regarding this crisis and inertia in combating it.

Considering this scenario, it is worth highlighting White January, a Brazilian movement and Institute that promotes the first month of the year as a month of awareness about mental health care.

There is no recipe for good mental health, but rather some means and professional support that can help and provide comfort for each person. Relying on the help of professionals in the field is the main way to maintain mental health in constant care, especially with consultations with therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

This is a topic that should not only be addressed on a personal level, but also on a professional level. As a company, we want our team to be productive, efficient and engaged, and each person's mental health influences these characteristics, and factors such as constant tiredness, high levels of stress and exhaustion should be largely avoided, or, in other words, the famous "burnout syndrome”.

At LPJ, this topic is addressed at the forefront through initiatives such as Integrative Health and the weekly Regenerating Pause, led by Leonardo Viana, a professional with extensive experience in Health and Integrative Practices, Emotional Intelligence, Hatha Yoga, Biogymnastics and Meditation, in addition to project Cuidadosamente, which provides a team of psychologists ready to assist anyone in need. Through these initiatives, our team is encouraged to set aside moments in their daily lives to take care of their body and mind under the supervision of qualified professionals.

And it's also worth mentioning how connected technology and mental health are, isn't it?

Although the excess of social networks, virtual games and the consequent lack of face-to-face interactions in favor of communication via messages or video calls are identified as major villains of mental health in modern times, the fact is that everything in excess can and probably will be harmful.

The technology is neither a good nor a bad guy, however, it is important to point out that it is increasingly a tool that has been the focus of researchers and health professionals so that they can assist in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of various mental disorders.

Virtual reality glasses, or VR, have already been used to combat traumas and phobias, in which individuals can face different scenarios in a controlled environment and learn to deal with their greatest fears. In addition, VR has also been tested to help children and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD so that they can, through games and simulated environments, train skills such as memory and concentration.

Advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence allow the collection of physiological data linked to mental health through real-time sensors, such as skin conductance and heart rate variation, in order to facilitate the monitoring of a patient by healthcare professionals. In the same context, there are already applications that, through analysis of voice patterns during the day, allow an alert to be activated in case of stress or heightened emotional burden.

Apps linked to mental health, in fact, are not lacking on the market, offering everything from videos and tutorials facilitating yoga practices and quick breathing exercises to direct contact with health professionals via online interaction.

We know that mental aptitude must be as valued as physical aptitude, that is, to achieve a kaleidoscopic level of happiness, not restricted to certain fields, and technology can be a strong ally for this cause.

At Grupo LPJ, mental health is always at the forefront. Burnout, not here!


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