This year, Grupo LPJ is participating in several actions aimed at preserving the environment, including support, together with SAP Brasil and PifPaf, for the non-profit Brigada Carcará, in the Brumadinho/MG region.

Brigada Carcará, created in 2014, works to combat forest fires, rescue fauna in affected areas and maintain a large nursery to reproduce species and recover these areas.

In order to increase the efficiency of Brigada Carcará's actions, SAP Brasil sought partnerships to develop technologies that assist in these actions, reaching PifPaf who, due to our brilliant work developed with this client, recommended us to develop an application (Management of Occurrences Brigada Carcará) which collects and records extremely important information for mapping the areas affected by forest fires, helping the non-profit in future actions and minimizing the degradation of these areas, which will now have alert status through the app.

Grupo LPJ is honored to participate in actions like this and is ready to work together whenever the topic is the environment, as we believe that the future of nature only depends on us.